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I created this blog to share my ideas and insights with a community of people interested in the future of the company and its eventual collaborators.

In 2002, I founded onepoint, which I have developed in France, Canada, China, Tunisia, and the United States. I’m familiar with the reality of a business, or more accurately, its realities. As an entrepreneur, I would like to bear witness and contribute. If we don’t deal with the implications of the direction of our economy towards high value-added services, we will lose the battle for talent, then the battle of competitiveness.

The society of tomorrow will no longer be dominated by objects. We will successfully create wealth only by stimulating intelligence and plugging it into a network. In our professional ecosystem, in which change is fast and adaptation is constant, I find it important to ensure individual autonomy and to develop human capital. This is my obsession.

Businesses can have funds, properties, and even ideas, but they have no future if they don’t understand or motivate men and women.

Starting this blog is also a political act for me. I believe that in business, like in politics, we need to return to a more simple and direct kind of speech. Getting back to the main issue of communication: establishing a relationship with another person, interacting without dogmatism, and being oneself. Those who still believe that stonewalling protects them or sets them apart don’t realize the magnitude of the digital revolution. This revolution requires us to break away from rigid rhetoric, and to rediscover real-life relationships with multiple stakeholders.

I hope this blog will serve as a meeting place. Welcome!

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