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About David Layani

President and Founder of onepoint.


I was born in 1979 and founded onepoint at the age of 22 based on my strong convictions, my entrepreneurial nature, and the will to believe in French values.

Onepoint specializes in consulting and digital services, with nearly 2000 collaborators who are active on behalf of large companies and institutions in several sectors (Banking/Finance/Insurance, Telecommunications and Services, Energy, Industry and Distribution, Pharma and the Public sector). The group was built around the idea that digital technology is a springboard that’s essential to the transformation of companies.

Onepoint expanded rapidly on the international scale (North-western Europe, Canada, the USA, Tunisia and China), while the majority of its production capacities remains in France. In fact, “Think Globally, Act Locally” also applies to the new economy.

At the same time, I’m very involved in the thought processes associated with progress and the conditions for entrepreneurial success. And, above all, I’m the proud father of two little girls.

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  1. Goinden Laurence

    bonjour, je vous ai écouté hier au Printemps de l’Optimisme àParis, j’ai aimé votre regard sur le monde du travail, monde de collaboration et non uniquement de concurrence, vos valeurs humaines, votre tolérance et ouverture d’esprit. Je travaille dans le domaine de l’insertion professionnelle (en mission locale), les jeunes que je côtoie au quotidien manquent totalement d’optimisme. Votre parcours est une magnifique réussite, je vous souhaite une bonne continuation et beaucoup de bonheur à vous et aux vôtres.

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